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Posted by on Lug 4, 2013

Conference “The House Plan: how to integrate economic development and environmental quality”


Tuesday, April 21, 2009 9.30-12.00


First Session

The “Plan”: how to integrate economic development and environmental quality.

• Giancarlo Allen, National Secretary ANAB (National Association of Bio-ecological Architecture)
• Bellicini Lorenzo, Director CRESME (Center for Economic Research Social Market for Building and Land)
• Paolo Buzzetti, President of ANCE (National Association of Builders)
• Firouz Galdo, Architect, Scientific Committee at CFS
• Marzio Galeotti, Professor, Economics of Environment and Energy – University of Milan
• Luigi Paganetto, President at Enea

Second Session

The prospects of the Italian G8 Presidency for the climate, energy and the environment

Franco Frattini – Minister of Foreign Affairs

Francesco Rutelli – President at Center for a Sustainable Future

Promoter of the initiative are various deputies and senators belonging to the Parliamentary Committee of the Center for a Sustainable Future: Emma Bonino, Pier Ferdinando Casini, Roberto Della Seta, Stefano De Lillo, Piero Fassino, Fabio Granata, Giuseppe Leoni, Maurizio Lupi, Marianna Madia, Hermes Realacci, Gianni Vernetti, Santo Versace.

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