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Conference “Nuclear power and the future of energy: what changes after Fukushima and on the eve of the referendum


Center for a Sustainable Future
Institute of European Democrats
Center for American Progress

Nuclear power and the future of energy: What will change after Fukushima and on the eve of the referendum?

Rome, June 7, 2011 hours 9:30 to 13:00
Sala Mappamondo – Chamber of Deputies


9:30 am Registration

10.00 Start

New international developments

Japan after Fukushima
Hirotami Murakoshi, MP, Special Commission on Fukushima, Tokyo

Terrorist threats: risks and prevention
Stefano Casertano, Professor of Energy Policy, University of Potsdam, Germany

The program of stress tests on plants in Europe
Luigi Paganetto, President of the Foundation Economia Tor Vergata

The outlook in Italy

Flavio Cattaneo, Terna CEO
Marzio Galeotti, Professor, Economics of Environment and Energy, University of Milan
Simone Mori, General Manager Environment and Adjustment at ENEL
Giuseppe Onufrio, Director of Greenpeace Italy

The policy choices towards the June 12th  – 13th  referendum

Francesco Rutelli, President of the Center for a Sustainable Future
Stefano Saglia, Undersecretary of Energy, italian government
Parliamentarians – members of the Center for a Sustainable Future:
Pier Ferdinando Casini, Roberto Della Seta, Stefano De Lillo, Fabio Granata, Maurizio Lupi, Marianna Madia, Ermete Realacci, Gianni Vernetti, Santo Versace

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