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The Foundation welcomes the contribution of all those who share its aims and intend to support its activities.

The Supporters’ Club is open to all those subjects (companies, associations, organizations and individuals) who want to participate in the future works of the Center for a Sustainable Future.

The Club meets at least once a year, offering instances that emerge from the Italian and international debate on environmental issues and potential actions. It is open to all: will be part of the Club those subjects who contribute with donations in cash to the resource endowment of CFS, with a maximum annual payment of € 2,500 (two thousand and five hundreds).

Participants to the Supporters Club will receive, in advance, information on the initiatives, publication of acts and / or monographs.

Centro per un Futuro Sostenibile Via degli Zingari, 15 - 00184 Roma (tel. +39 06.87570009)